How much does Cracker Barrel pay?

Cracker Barrel Payscale.

How much does the average Cracker Barrel employee get paid per hour?

Well, the answer depends on the type of job, the number of years worked, as well as the location of the restaurant (Hawaii and California locations usually pay more, for example).

Average Cracker Barrel Pay.

The numbers below are an average and the amounts are based on self-reporting at and

With that in mind, these are the average hourly pay for Cracker Barrel workers:

Restaurant Host/Hostess
Average: $8.54
Range: $7 – $10

Grill Cook
Average: $11.42
Range: $9 – $14

Average: $9.27
Range: $8 – $11

Retail Sales Associate
Average: $9.23
Range: $8 – $13

Prep Cook
Average: $10.60
Range: $9 – $13

Average: $8.63
Range: $7 – $11

Line Cook
Average: $11.57
Range: $9 – $15

Cook, Restaurant
Average: $11.44
Range: $9 – $15

Retail Cashier
Average: $9.75
Range: $8 – $13

Average: $4.03 (including tips, the average pay for servers is $12).
Range: $2 – $12

Retail Associate
Average: $9.94
Range: $8 – $14

Retail Shift Supervisor
Average: $12.11

Range: $10 – $15

Sales Associate
Average: $10.03
Range: $8 – $13

A General Manager at Cracker Barrel can expect to get paid $71,000 per year.
An Associate Manager at Cracker Barrel can expect to get paid around $52,091 per year.

Store hourly employees are paid weekly on a debit card.

The Cracker Barrel Star System.

If you are new employee, or you are considering applying, you might have wondered about the stars that appear on the employees aprons. Some employees have just one star, while others have two or 3 stars.

cracker barrel pay - star uniform
There are four levels for each skill position and each star represents a level that this employee has achieved.

The stars actually represent how long an employee has been with Cracker Barrel, as well as their skills.  Cracker Barrel employees are “Rising Stars” for the initial 30 days of employment. Rising Stars must take a variety of tests about their particular position and be evaluated by managers. Passing the tests means that they get their 1st star.

The max number of stars for Cracker Barrel employees is four.

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