Cracker Barrel Employee Login.

If you are a current Cracker Barrel Employee, you will know that the old Cracker Barrel Employee Website, the Front Porch, is no longer in operation.

Instead, a new employee portal under the “Achievers” umbrella has been implemented.

The old login page at will now re-direct you automatically to the new login page at

The direct link to the login page is here.

The employee portal will still be known internally as “The Front Porch”.

To sign in, employee will need to enter their Cracker Barrel Employee ID, and their password.

The password is: 00 + Last 4 of SSN on the first login, but your can change your password after the initial login.

Click on “Login” to sign in.

cracker barrel employee login
Make sure your are on the correct login page at

If you have forgotten your password or login ID, then click on “Forgot Login or Username?” or go to the Forgotten Password page here.

Enter your email address on file to got through the proces of resetting your password.

If you have forgotten your User Name, then go here, and enter your email address on file.

If the official login page does not load for you, then try the Mobile Optimized Front Porch login page:

The Front Porch Self Service login page is also still accessable at:

Cracker Barrel Front Porch App.

Does Cracker Barrel have an employee app for checking schedules, earnings statements, et al?

No, unfortunately Cracker Barrel have not yet developed and released a “Front Porch” app, and there are no plans to do so.

15 Replies to “Cracker Barrel Employee Login”

    1. WHY is the sign in different every time? It’s a time consuming process to get where I need to be. I have no less than 5 passwords just for different Cracker Barrel info. WHY is this to DIFFICULT?
      Clean it up. One password where I can do everything. Thank you.

  1. This new Front Porch computer system has been nothing but problems. For 2 weeks I was able to get my schedule now I cant. Now I cant even get my vacation pay in. Why cant they just change it back.

  2. Sorry to say that I have to call the store to get my schedule now. The new URL is almost impossible to reach without a 20 minute search on-line. I can’t reach the log-in, only the explanation of how the log-in works. Any suggestions on how to change this? I would appreciate only spending 5 minutes on finding my schedule, and not having to call the store and bothering other workers. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Why is it that they make it so hard for the employee to log-in in the employee website. It is important for us to easily access this website in order to check our schedule, to make a time-off request, to request our vacation pay and to communicate. Since the changes happen. It get worse and wore. And until now it hard for me to log-in. How many times I send a message for help and still not working right. Please do something about this. Do we really need to have a website like this or just communicate at your store manager.

  4. I can’t log into either one Cracker Barrel Front Porch or achievers. Achievers is really a joke. Someone else set my stuff up and I no longer have access to the email and I cannot access. it won’t let me do anything not even put in a new email.

  5. Why can’t log in on Cracker Barrel Front Porch be easy? Why do they have to change the log in sight so many times. Keep it simple and let it stay that way. We as employees depend on checking it for our schedule. I can’t get in so if I’m schedule I can’t show up. Do something.

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